String of Dreams #1

1. I helped create an imaginary world for Angelina Jolie’s autistic daughter which allowed her to open up to me. As a result, Angelina Jolie falls in love with me.

2. I was awesome at the acoustic guitar. So I started jamming out during class…while doing aerobics, suspended in the air.

3. I competed against a muscular guy in a test of strength and endurance. The first event involved doing a series of gymnastic moves on a suspended beam. The second event involved keeping balance on a pole while balancing on our head. We tied. However, the judges determined that had I won due to the fact that I was intentionally wearing extra weights in order to make the events more difficult.

4. I was driving around in a monster truck with very foggy windows. I had to stop for a bit because TW was falling behind. I was annoyed.

5. I was at a school assembly where the staff revealed that our class president, along with the event coordinator, and one hundred THOUSAND students were under police investigation. I was amazed that there were actually that many students in our class as well as curious as to why they were under investigation, but mostly…I was annoyed that I wasn’t aware of this epic event.


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This post is a little bit late since I’ve been in Ann Arbor, MI now for almost a week.

Let’s see, first impressions:

1. The weather. Last week was unbearable, hot AND humid (think 100% humidity). Thankfully it has cooled down a bit and looks like I’ve brought along Seattle’s “cloudy with a chance of rain”. Unfortunately it is still slightly humid which makes everything unbearable all over again. There were a few thunderstorm (complete with tornado sirens) a few weeks before I came but nothing too dramatic while I’m here–yet.

2. The apartment. Seems alright, however, there are a few places here and there that is definitely hard to look at. I’ve already purchased a few items and arranged them strategically in an attempt to obscure anything unsightly. There is still a lot of work to be done so pictures won’t be up until I am satisfied with the results (or give in).

3. The local people. There is a very different vibe than what I am use to. I can’t really pinpoint what the difference may be but there is a sense that something isn’t right. This doesn’t mean people here are bad…just different. Maybe it’s their accent? or the lack of minorities? or the Midwest feel? or maybe it’s just homesickness kicking in? One thing for sure, people here are very annoying drivers! VERY. According to Mel, they are worse than LA drivers. I agree. Everyone here loves to tailgate. They will tailgate you do the ends of the earth. It’s not that we are driving slow…and even if we were, the lanes around us are completely free. The tailgater can easily pass us if they wanted to, but they NEVER do and instead chooses to follow closely behind. Also, good luck changing lanes. Say you are planning to change lanes, the car to your right is driving very slow and you decide to take the opening. However, once you turn on your blinker the slow car randomly accelerate forward…blocking your path. This happens all too often and makes me think that these drivers actually WANT to rear end someone to get insurance money. End rant.

4.  The school. Not too much of an impression so far. I’ve only seen a small part of central campus where the college of pharmacy is located. The entire campus appear more spread out than UW and would definitely take more time to explore throughly. I won’t get an official tour until orientation next week, even then, I will spend the majority of my graduate school career in one small corner of a building. Oh and I thought it was interesting that there doesn’t seem to be an official bookstore/student store. I did see one, but it is very small and slightly drab looking (think half or UW’s bottom story).

5. The roommate. TBD.

More to come!

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Dream #18

The dream took place in a small village, where the natives were farmers and miners. I was part of their tribe, though, being not quite a contributing member of society, I spent most of my time meandering in the grass fields. And then it got strange.

One day, as I was running through the tall green grass, I came upon a horrifying sight. In the distance, a horse had fallen into a crack in the earth. He was flailing in agony, for beneath the earth ran a river of lava. The hot substance had engulfed most of his body, already causing his skin to emit a red glow. Terrified, I called out for help. Moments later, a over fluffy pygmy sheep prance towards me. I identified the sheep as my little sister.

“Don’t worry! Dad, and the villagers are coming to help!” Not long before her words of assurance, a few villagers and a frog (person sized) came running to our aid. I referred to the frog as “Dad” as I thanked him for pulling the horse out of the crevice and transporting it to our home. In our little hut, I decided the best thing to do was to cool the horse down and resorted to take out a few large packs of frozen hot dogs from the freezer. The plan worked and soon enough, the horse was healed. The hotdogs however, were completely cooked and thus, had to be eaten for dinner. And then it got weird.

The next day my sheeply sister and I went to the same field to play. As the day came to an end we proceeded home to see what Mom was cooking for dinner. However, when we got home, she was nowhere to be found. Worried, we rummaged through the village in search for our mom. Not far into our search, I noticed a large metal building with an intricate conveyor belt system that appeared to be transporting bananas to a banana peeler.

“Oh no, there’s Mom!” I yelled, pointing to one of the more ripen bananas. “She must be committing suicide because she’s too ripped!” Realizing the urgency of the matter, I acted quickly, climbing the metal structure and removed my mom from the death contraption. My sister and I rejoiced over our heroics while my mom remained silent, as bananas should.

And no, not once in the dream did I wonder if I was an adopted child.

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It’s a blue tooth earpiece-ring. I want.

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Today at work around 11:30pm a middle aged man drove up to the drive-thru. This was our conversation:

“Can I get a pack of condoms?”

“No you have to come into the store for that”

“Where do I park? Here?”

“No, there are plenty of parking spaces in the front of the store…”

About 5 minutes later he arrives inside and I greeted him in front of the pharmacy counter. I noticed he had no pants on (just boxers).  His lack of pants implied that he had came from home, rather than merely stopping by Walgreens on his way home or elsewhere, to pick up a pack of condoms. I guess it was an urgent matter.

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I’m so depressed. After spending about 1.5 hours on a new post, I thought I was finally done and hit “publish”. Unfortunately I got an error message and everything disappeared into the deep unknown, consumed by the internets. Sigh. I guess we all need to move on. 😦

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Sneaky Gays

“Swish it up a bit!”

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